Sailing + Kayak CDN Punta Umbría

20/05/2022 12:00 - 20/05/2022 18:00

* Where? Club Deportivo Náutico de Punta Umbría, Punta Umbría.

* How to get there? Find your own transportation, it shouldn't be a problem to get there on time by bus ;)

* More detailed description: 
It wouldn't be a big event. Let's say 15 people doing different activities and changing from time to time. 
- 4 would do kayaking (2 kayaks of 2). 
- 5 would be sailing in "la gamba" (initiation sailing boat) with an instructor.
- 3 would be sailing in the sailing class "lince" (a bit more advanced) with an instructor. 
- 3 could be, one at the time trying the Laser (most famous dingy sailing boat, very unstable and complicated, but very fun!), instructor in motorboat.

* Don't worry if we don't reach 15 people for the event, we'll do it anyway, we would only cancel if the weather is too windy or rainy, and then we would just reschedule. 

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